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Ashley is a Psychic based in Atlanta, where she has been helping thousands of people find their bearings and avoid calamities and obstacles on life. She is what is commonly referred to as a second generation psychic with extra ordinary talents and abilities that stretches beyond the boundaries of the physical world.psychic11

As a clairvoyant, she is able to hear, see and feel every individual who have crossed over. With these supernatural powers, she is also able to tell you what the future holds for you and the best course of action to take so that you stay safe and happy as much as possible.

Ashley started experiencing visions and energy feelings at a tender age of sixteen. Being that her mother was also psychic, she could help her comprehend and understand some of the energy feelings and visions. By the age of twenty, Ashley was fully developed and in a position to help others with her extraordinary skills.

Ashley employs the use of more energy with very few tools in helping people. For instance, she uses simple tools like tarot cards, palms and crystals to look into people’s life and tell them what the future holds for them.

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Psychic Specialties

Since there are different areas of practice as a psychic, Ashley does not do all the different forms of Psychic practices. She offers tarot card readings but also specializes in psychic readings, reading auras, energy healing, chakra balancing and crystal reading. As a psychic, Ashley loves the fact that through her services, men and women are able to turn negativity into positive and have more guidance and clarity in their lives. She is a selfless lady who will go at great lengths to ensure that you get the help you are seeking. She will also help you tune your own psychic abilities even if you thought that you never had such.

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Ebony D.

Amazing! Ashley has a profound gift! In the past I've had several reading but Ive never experienced meeting a psychic that is 100% accurate with a passion for helping others that is reflected in her work. I would recommend anyone to her and be ready for an awesome experience."

Celeste E.

Ashley is amazing. I didn't really expect the reading to be so detailed. It was very in depth and she gave me a lot of insight on my future and life! It is unbelievable how accurate her reading was for me! I definitely will go back for some advisement in the future!

Jaime C.

I had a reading with Ashley today and was not sure what to expect, as it was my first reading ever. I have been going through some things for a few months and she picked up on it without me mentioning it to her. She specifically told me what year things with my son's father started to get "rocky", which amazed me! She gave me great insight to what all we discussed in the reading, and even offered to cleanse the chakra that is closed off. I left her office (she is in a professional setting) feeling so refreshed and hopeful. I am so pleased with my experience and look forward to visiting her again very soon!

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