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Office-265x300Galleria Psychic is Atlanta's Premier Psychic Service.  Ashley is a Clairvoyant Psychic Reader who takes pride in helping others overcome unnecessary stress and obstacles.  We welcome to you schedule an appointment at our Atlanta Office.  Unlike other psychic services, we do not require prepaid appointment or credit cards.

Ashely welcomes you to experience a unique approach to psychic readings.  A spiritual consultation in a calm and relaxing environment.  She does not put a time limit on her readings  She focuses on you and your energy, providing a stress free atmosphere where you can get the answers you are seeking.

If you have or are considering a psychic consultation, Galleria Psychic welcomes the opportunity to assist you on your journey.

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Spiritual and
Energy Healing

Energy healing works with an energetic field that permeates & extends beyond the physical body. Signs of illness appear in this field before manifesting as physical symptoms & with practice this “aura” can be experienced, even by a novice.

Psychic and
Tarot Card Readings


Tarot Card Reading is a great way to gain insights into your life and find resolutions to obstacles in your life. Success, Prosperity, Peace and Love Await You. Your Brightest Tomorrow
begins with a phone call to me.

Overcome Negativity
and Obstacles

Through my Gifted Psychic Ability, I can help you overcome Negativity and Obstacles in Your Life.
I will make you feel at ease and offer cohesive insight into Your Destiny.

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